“Everyone can learn to make music. Age does not matter. Having a natural flair for music does not matter either. It matters little how far we will go. The important thing is to enjoy the process. Outcomes tend to be quite amazing!”

Cristián de Gainza

We have been awakening the taste for the instrument for decades

Experience the most gratifying way of approaching the piano, guided by a global benchmark of leading-edge music education. We are motivational experts and we specialize in teaching.

We offer:

▸ Piano lessons for all ages and levels, in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.
▸ Piano pedagogy lessons for pianists and piano teachers.
▸ Music lessons on the piano.
▸ Preparation of admissions to IUNA, UCA, conservatories and music schools.
▸ Virtual lessons and traditional onsite lessons in Colegiales, Palermo and Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina, delivered by Cristián de Gainza and Estudio de Gainza’s team of educators.

About Us

Quienes Somos

Heir to a tradition in modern music pedagogy, he grew up close to the piano and teaching. Trained in the new currents of music pedagogy of which his mother, Violeta de Gainza, is one of the great world leaders, he has taught children, adolescents, young people and adults for decades.

The Gainza Method

El método de Gainza

We play from the first class. From the very beginning, we approach themes directly on the keyboard and with sheet music. Reading is incorporated along with the learning of the instrument.

Virtual Lessons

Nuestros Estudios

Virtual piano lessons are surprisingly effective. We offer personalized lessons in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. We have developed a flexible methodology that allows us to work with students of all ages and levels.